About Shocker Track Backers

Shocker Track Backers — A part of our objective is to keep Shocker Track Fans informed and provide pictorial highlights and commentary with regard to meets and happenings within the Wichita State University Track and Field program.  Shocker Track Backers is an independent, fan based organization.  Shocker Track Backers is not affiliated with and does not receive any financial contribution from Wichita State University.  Any photographs or journalistic comments found on this site do not express the official nor unofficial policy of Wichita State University or any department therein.

The Shocker Track Backers website is a publication of Shocker Track Club, and is not affiliated with WSU-ICAA, Wichita State University or any of its affiliates. ANY CONTENT AND VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THE SITE SOLELY EXPRESSES THE VIEWS OF THE CONTENT CREATOR(S).

The Shocker Track Club, www.shockertrackclub.com , endorses the efforts of Shocker Track Backers through providing resources necessary to fulfill the following goals and objectives:

  • Enhancing the athlete’s experience by fostering an encouraging and uplifting environment through the visible support of fans and      family.
  • Promotion of WSU Track and Field to a greater level of awareness among the WSU campus environment, the Wichita Community and the Greater Shocker Nation.
  • Matching the high quality of athleticism exhibited within the WSU Track & Field Teams with an equally high level of financial support through the generosity of Shocker Track Backer Fans and Supporters.